Thursday, May 21, 2009

USA swimming allows nero suits

Hi All,

Just a quick update again re: suit approvals. Our understanding is that USA swimming and USMS are still allowing any suits currently FINA approved, but not on the newly published list to be used in competitions over the weekend.

It would appear that the absence of clear timelines from FINA, in terms of which meets, and at which date the current suits become illegal (Some people are saying this is only for ROME, others this should be applied to events from 31 March...) mean they do not have a clear idea of what is expected by National bodies. Therefore every countries national body is doing their own thing.



Anonymous said...

I'm from Portugal and saw Blueseventy suits for the first time last year at Setúbal (open water competion).
I liked the suit very much and thought to buy one for my son.
In the International Meeting at Póvoa do Varzim this year we saw plenty of athelets with the Nero and again I thought "I have to buy one...).
Finally I did !!!
On the 26 of April my very excited son was a very proud owner of a Nero to use on the comming International Meetings in Portugal and Championship.
Do you imagine our reaction to the FINA's news?
Portuguese Federation until now hasn't said anything and he will take the suit to the meeting.
We hope... but don't belive.
Any way we wait to see what will happen.

Steve Nicholls said...

Hey keep checking in we'll hope to have some resolutions shortly.