Thursday, May 21, 2009

FINA approval update May 21: what do I do with my nero

Thank you for your email in regard to your blueseventy swimskin. We understand your initial concern regarding the legality of competing in this currently and wish to assure you that we are working towards a win / win solution for all our loyal blueseventy customers. The most common question we have at the moment is “What does this mean for me, I just bought a nero suit, is it now useless”

Our initial contact with FINA has been to immediately over turn the decision as it is based on factually inaccurate interpretations of their own laws.  Please see our website for more information regarding this, or visit Steve Nicholls, Our CEO’s blog, details below

Regarding the legality of your suit:

Currently there are several points that need clarification:

  1. Dubai charter was set up to limit suit use for the ROME world championships. At this stage it is unclear whether the current rules will make suits illegal/ legal for any other events in 2009, or just ROME.
  2.   We have already started sampling different ways to, at our cost voluntarily adjust a blueseventy nero suit to fit into FINAs new rules.  Our goal is to have a method that is quick, simple and something we can do to suits that have been purchased already. Currently FINa have requested we modify our suits because they "may trap air" and the lack of objective measures to quantify this effect is the major limiter on evaluating success/ failure of this modification.
  3. We also have several straight forward alterations to forward production that will allow the escape of the possibly trapped air that has made our suits illegal. These are minor changes but again depend on what constitutes trapping air, and what constitutes air escaping.

Most importantly we’re thinking about what we can do for our customers, and people who own one of our suits, so please be patient keep your nero, a lot of countries are still letting swimmers use these suits until such time as they get clarification from FINA (for example USA swimming, US masters swimming). We’ll be updating information as regularly as we can, please see any of the below links for details:

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