Thursday, May 21, 2009

FINA approval update: May 20

Hi to all following this:

Just a quick update for anyone following this:

Our position after analyzing the decision made by FINA is that there has been a misinterpretation by the FINA executive on the rules of FINA. UNder FINA's current rules:

Clause 3.1(c) dictates that the suit:

…shall not be constructed to ….create an air/water trapping effect…..”

This is an objective measure.  

Your assertion that the rule has been offended is based on Professor Mason’s subjective assessment that the construction“may” cause the air/water trapping effect.  

Clearly, until it can be categorically proven that the construction of our suits creates the air/water trapping effect, clause 3.1(c) has not been offended and FINA has no basis under its own approval requirements to reject our suits.  The current rejection is therefore wrong. 

We have requested urgent clarification from FINA regarding this matter, and have submitted a letter to them yesterday (lausanne time). We have placed several Calls to FINA but at this stage we we're told that Mr Marculescu is unavailable. 

Additionally it is worth noting that overnight (thursday) will be a Holiday in Switzerland so we are unlikely to get any further information until the next day.

We will try to keep you updated.



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