Monday, May 31, 2010

Andrew McCartney tries out the new 2010 Helix

Andrew McCartney joined the blueseventy team this year, and sent us an email after testing his new kit for the season. Andrew will be racing at the Hy-Vee ITU Elite Cup in Des Moines in a couple of weeks where he hopes to defend his swim prime...

Well we had our first swim out in the lakes yesterday. It was a tad bit chilly on the face but quickly warmed up. We swam a 4km set so I had lots of time to get a good feel of the new wetsuit. What an amazing difference. I love the forearms! You really don't need very much material there.
I always talk about feel of the water. I think any swimmer would say that the 'feel of the water' is the key to fast swimming and it always bothered me that you can't really feel the water if it is covered by 5mms of wetsuit material. So I think that is spot on. Shoulders feel great in the wetsuit and the floatation feels awesome. This I all noticed from one swim. May I also add, thank goodness for zippers from the bottom up. This makes for fast, effortless transitions.
I would also like to say the goggles are fantastic. The Nero Racers fit my face perfectly. The choice of different lenses are an often forgotten aspect of goggles and is always appreciated.
So thanks again for helping me out this season.
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

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