Monday, May 24, 2010

blueseventy signs triathlon legend

We're stoked to announce that Greg Bennett has joined the blueseventy team. At 38, he shows ability and staying power rarely seen in the sport. Greg has contested more than 80 World Cup events, claiming two world series titles along with six race wins and 26 podium finishes. He has also won the sports richest prize purse, being the only person to win all five events in the major US Lifetime Fitness Series (but we can all dream...) We're very proud to have someone of his calibre lining up wearing blueseventy.

Greg is highly experienced and respected, and we're really looking forward to developing a long and successful partnership with him. He will be of huge value to us as an ambassador and advisor on our products, as we continually look to improve and innovate through detailed athlete feedback and analysis. Greg will also gain the benefits of our market leading wetsuit and swimskin technology, as well as the super-light carbon goggles.

Greg has also announced some other major news today. He has been granted a release from racing for Australia and will now compete for the United States. Don't worry Aussies - he still loves you!!

The main reason for this change is primarily so that he could be a bigger part of wife Laura's Bennetts 2012 Olympic campaign. The couple have shared a long and successful career in triathlon together, both providing the support, advice and mentoring needed to reach the levels they have achieved. And although Greg has done this while racing for Australia, he feels that he would like to be with Laura for her final Olympic journey, which he could not do as well as he would like unless he could be fully part of her team.

But for Greg personally the move makes great sense. "In regard to my own career, the majority of my racing over the last several years has been in the United States, all my sponsorship deals are US-based, and the medical team I rely on is based in Florida and Dallas."

And it sure doesn't matter to us where Greg is based - doesn't matter where in the world you are - you'll be swimming faster in blueseventy!

You can read the full story here.

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