Monday, May 17, 2010

blueseventy backing Britain's top age-group ironman

blueseventy is pleased to be supporting Britain’s Lucy Gossage. When we heard that Britain’s top Age Group Hawaii finisher from 2008 only had a tatty looking old wetsuit that needed replacing, we were straight round to the post office to send her a new Helix as she prepares for Ironman Frankfurt!

Lucy is a cancer doctor and has an Ironman best time of 10:05! As part of her iron-preparations she decided to run the London marathon, for fun, and broke three hours. Here’s what she had to say about it...

"I was one of the 37,000 athletes lining up at the start of the London Marathon in April. And what a great day it was. I'd combined it with visits to old university friends and was viewing it more as a training session and a fun weekend in London than a big race. So was pretty relaxed at the start, placing myself right at the back of the championship race (I didn't want to get run over by hundreds of 5 minute milers!)

I went into it thinking I would pace it pretty conservatively - as always on race day though you end up going quicker than you think you would. Anyway, to cut a long story short I got half way in 1.29 and was still feeling good so thought I'd go for the sub 3hr finish. And managed, comfortably, with a few minutes to spare - and didn't wreck myself either!

"Was a fab day out with the crowds, music and atmosphere, topped with an incredible feeling of solidarity with everyone else racing. I'm pleasantly suprised to have a decent marathon under my belt, but the run has also given me a bit more confidence in my run up to Ironman Germany (now only 7 weeks away - eek!)"

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blueseventymedia said...

Lucy won by over ten minutes this weekend! Looking good for Frankfurt!