Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bryan Rhodes wins Ironman Canada

Bryan, what a fantastic race you had at Ironman Canada. You started the day with a fast swim in your blueseventy Helix wetsuit, followed it with a very strong bike split on your Cervelo P3C and closed out the day with a swift run in your Saucony running shoes. Congratulations on this big win.

Top 10 pro men

1. Bryan Rhodes (NZL) 8:30:12
2. Bernhard Hiebl (AUT) 8:34:34
3. Jasper Blake (CAN) 8:36:08
4. Andriy Yaserbov (UKR) 8:37:11
5. Justin Daerr (USA) 8:37:34
6. Kyle Marcotte (CAN) 8:44:30
7. Matt Lieto (USA) 8:45:42
8. Courtney Ogden (AUS) 8:47:04
9. Nigel Gray (CAN) 8:50:35
10. Matt Seeley (USA) 8:51:17

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