Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Olympic update

We had 3 swimmers in the men's 100 Breaststroke semi final Vladislau Polyakou from Kazakhstan, Igor Boryski from Ukraine and William Diering from South Africa!! Non made the final, but all were best times and probably country records.

In the women's 200 Fly semi Katheryn Meaklim from South Africa used our suit and in the men's 4X 200 free relay event two of the South African team members used the blueseventy! Darian Townsend and Sebastien Roussean had fast swims in our suits!

We even had some folks use the blueseventy suit under their official suits. :-)

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Flatman said...

You guys business is going to explode!

Send me one of the used leftovers from the try-out suits! :) pretty-please?