Thursday, August 14, 2008

More blueseventy news from the Olympic water cube

blueseventy is making an impact on the pool deck and in the pool of the stunning Olympic water cube in Beijing. :-)

We know most of the world was watching Jason Lezak help Micheal Phelps get his 2nd gold medal in dramatic fashion. But, what you need to know is that the 2004 Olympic Championship relay from South Africa also swam in the race. They actually went faster than they did in 2004, but they were 7th! It was the same four men and two of them were in the blueseventy!! Rye Needling and Daran Townson both swam their faster every relay splits in our suits.

In the men's 100 breaststroke final Russian national record holder Roman Sludnov took 6th place in the blueseventy suit! His suit did not have logo, but he was in our suit!! Our best placing so far. :-)

Brazil's Rodrigo Castro used the blueseventy in the men's 200 free semis.

Men's semi final 200 fly was great for blueseventy too. We had a lot of use, up to 3 in one heat! Again, please note that most good swimming countries have agreements with swim suit companies. Our suits are on swimmers that can use anything they wish and are not (yet) the biggest names! The swimmers that are the very best in the world are under contract or they just got great! Like Gil!!

So, the two heats of the semi finals of the men's 200 fly we had 3 swimmers in our suits. Gil Stoval (USA) and Pawel Korzeniowsk from Poland were in non logo'd suits. And Brazil's Kaio Almeida was in a logo'd suit. The results were mixed.. Gil was 9th and Pawel was 8th and Kaio was 6th!!

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