Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The first days at the 2008 Olympics

The first couple of days of the Olympics have been great! We did have a finalist in the Men's 400 IM. Thiago Pereira from Brazil used the blueseventy nero suit and got 8th! This race was seen all over the world because Micheal Phelps won the race with a world record! Thiago is very popular in Brazil and his swim is a National & South American record.

We actually had a swimmer get fined because he chose to use the blueseventy over his sponsors suit! This is also huge because top swimmers are realizing that we have the fastest suit! Our location in the warm down pool is similar to what we had in Omaha. All the athletes and coaches know we are there and know what we look like. The first 3 times Steve and I went into the pool, we were mobbed! :-)

Even the president of the United States was eager. :-)


Flatman said...

More pics!!!

Kurt said...

George Bush soon in a blueseventy? Wow the man has good taste after all.