Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ryan qualifies for Guam, national open-water team in blueseventy

Just reported in the Chattanooga Times Free Press; Sean was wearing a blueseventy nero:

Chattanooga’s Sean Ryan finished fifth in the 6.2-mile openwater swim as the U.S. Open meet concluded Sunday in Minneapolis. He led throughout the third lap in the four-lap competition in a controlled lake, and finishers second through sixth were within less than three seconds of each other. It was the fourth men’s event of the week for the 15-yearold McCallie School student and Scenic City Aquatic Club member, and he finished in the top 10 in three. His performances in the U.S. Open made him a toptier member of the U.S. junior national team, which means he will compete in the World Youth Championships in Guam in January, and his top-five finish Sunday put him on the national openwater team for other international competitions in the next year. “Sean has come from nowhere to where most swimming people in this country know who he is,” McCallie coach Stan Corcoran said. “A lot of college coaches are introducing themselves to me because of him.”

We will be keeping an eye on the young up-and-coming Sean for sure.


Anonymous said...

Sean Ryan rocks

Anonymous said...

By the way Sean is training, you can look for hin in London in 2012. If he doesnt make it in the 1500, he will be a top contender for gold in the open water event.