Friday, April 3, 2009

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No goggles

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So i finally caught up With Maik Twelsiek from Dresdner Kleinwort,
We thought it was going to be best to meet up at the beach and trial his new gear!!
Unfortunately that same Shore break that has been hitting the Mooloolaba shores was now hitting the Noosa shore. That didn't stop Maik from getting out there, Even a lost pair of goggles from a wave breaking on him didn't dampen his spirits. Was very funny to watch though!!

Amanda came to the rescue with another pair of goggles and friendly advice!!! I'm not sure if he was keen to venture back into the surf for another drilling though.
Maik is one of the most friendly guys you'll ever meet. Always keen to catch up for a chat. (will even give up his chair before an Ironman)
After his 14th place at Kona last year , he proved he can mix it with the best!! He'll be one to watch tomorrow at Ironman Australia.!!!

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