Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pro triathlete Chris McDonald checks in..

Hey guys

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that this past weekend I competed in the 31st annual Super Frog Half Ironman in San Diego. It is a race that has been put on by the Naval special warfare for those 31 years and also a race that I would recommend for anyone to do.

The race started with a very frigged 56 deg ocean swim of the shores of Coronado , I hit dry land around 50 sec down on race leader Luke Bell and side by side with Lars Linunger. Lars and myself worked hard and managed to pull in Luke late into the 2nd of 4 laps, for there we all had a go at working the pace and trying to stretch each other.

Lars and I did manage to get a small gap on Luke coming into transition and I tried to make the most of it. the run here at super from is 80 sand running with 30% of that is soft deep sand. Luke did come up on me around mile 2 and the elaastic cord was stretching as I worked hard to hang on . Fortunately for me luke went into some pretty severe cramping right as we hit the deep sand, the rest of the run was pretty uneventfull and I managed to hold my lead and come down the shute with another new course record of 3:55 and change. Lars manged to pass luke for 2nd and luke just controlled his cramping to round out the podium after his long trip state side from the OZ just 4 days earlier.

For me in is now down to New Orleans for week two of the double.

Chat Soon

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