Friday, April 17, 2009

new goggle product testing

Gordon Crawford sent us this mail on what he thinks of our latest goggle styles:


I have tried the following out over the last few months and thought that you would like feedback.

1.0 The Vision goggle, white with pink lenses:

These are without doubt the best google I have used both in the pool and open water. The goggle performs mcuh better than similar goggles by other manufacturers. The frame is perfectly balanced in terms of flexibiltiy and rigidity making them extremely comfortable but rigid enough not to lose their shape. The pink lenses do not mist, offer incredible visibility and are great for both pool and open water swimming, cutting out the glare inside and enhancing light in the open water.

More importantly for the public the goggles look great and I have had lots of people at my tri club, 200+ members, and at the events nationally ask: who made them and when can I buy them?

2.0 Hydra Vision goggle, yellow lenses:

These are a sleeker goggle but offers the same benefits as the Vision for both pool and open water. The frame is a bit more flexible and I preferred the rigidity of the Vision. In terms of the yellow lenses they were a bit more subtle to the pink but again great for open water and pool swimming.

The feedback from club members and at races was great and they appealed more to guys due to the colour. Again I was asked who made them and when could they buy them.

Kind regards


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