Friday, June 19, 2009

Nero RZR Goggle Makes Waves

The blueseventy Nero RZR goggle has been making a splash in the marketplace since it's introduction just a few weeks ago. Check out what swimmers are saying:

"I was VERY skeptical about these goggles when you first gave them to me (well, you gave them to Heather because I said I wouldn’t use them). I’ve used the same goggles (TYR Racetech) for decades and saw no need to change. The thing that gave me the most concern was the semi-solid nose piece. Well, I’m 100% sold. The double strap keeps the goggles more securely on my face in the waves yet is totally comfortable for the pool. The goggles include several different nose pieces to fit different shaped/sized faces and is MUCH more comfortable than my old TYR Racetech goggles. You gave me the yellow goggles and they are amazing to wear – they make the cloudiest day seem sunny yet in bright sun don’t seem to amplify the brightness. Please carry them so I can buy more when these get scratched!"

We're in the process of updating our website with all our new goggles so stay tuned to for more information!

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