Monday, June 15, 2009

Wellington Wins Kansas 70.3

In shades of the Ford Ironman World Championship, Wellington suffered a puncture during the bike, but managed to change the tire in a matter of minute and post the day's fastest bike split for the women.
Chrissie's overall strength in all 3 disciplines must have her opponents wondering what they will have to do to beat her! The blueseventy athlete is the dominate force in any 70.3 and IM race she enteres.
Chrissie is at the front from the get go, leading out of the water at IM Australia and second out of the water in Kansas. Once again in Kansas, history repeats itself and Wellington suffers a punctured bike tire. The set back proves minor and Chrissie once again demolishes the competition to take first place leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that she is a force to be reckoned with.
Congrats Chrissie!

1 WELLINGTON, CHRISSY 2/1/1 1/F-PRO 00:25:11 02:26:51 01:20:16 04:14:52
2 TAYLOR, PIP 1/3/2 29/F-PRO 00:24:17 02:30:18 01:23:02 04:19:42
3 MARSH, AMY 3/2/3 32/F-PRO 00:25:51 02:26:29 01:26:46 04:21:38

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