Thursday, June 25, 2009

blueseventy Ready for Rome

blueseventy has confirmed that body suits will be available at the World Championships in line with FINAs requirement to supply all competing athletes. Sufficient stocks are available to meet demand all major events this summer, including the European Junior Championships.

Having not altered its technical suit since initial approval in March, blueseventy has continued to produce the suits as planned. blueseventy suits were recently reinstated to FINAs list of approved suits after the brand successfully demonstrated that they do not trap air.

Athletes at the World Championships are invited to test blueseventy suits during competition in Rome.

Ceo, Steve Nicholls, commented: “There are plenty of suits available. We were confident of getting through the latest approval process and continued with production. We’re working closely with retailers to ensure supply meets demand, and will be in Rome with suits.”

“On this basis we are 100% prepared for The European Junior Championships and have yet to be contacted by LEN to discuss our situation. It’s disappointing that athletes at the European Junior Championships next month will not be permitted to select suits from the full list of currently approved suits. This can only cause an unnecessary distraction for them.”

LEN, the European governing body, will allow only those suits included on FINAs list from 19 May on the basis that newly approved suits are unlikey to be available in sufficient volumes to supply all competing athletes.

Nicholls added: “We are absolutely ready for Rome and look forward to seeing the swimmers, rather than swimwear, grabbing the headlines.”

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