Sunday, August 2, 2009

$10,000 worth of suits stolen from Rome.

Warning to all athletes, especially those in ROME. blueseventy were unfortunate to have their booth from the "Suits for all in the name of a level playing field" zone, within the warm up area of the World Championships in ROMA broken in to. Suits , Nero back packs and limited edition T-shirts were taken. Please be aware prosecution will be swift and sharp we have been informed by the Italian Police authorities, so if you are offered these exclusive pink and grey suits in Rome, please turn them down.

You could say we are victims of our own generosity. FINA asked ALL brands wishing to have their suits approved after the scientific testing to have at least 400 suits available to all at the event. Blueseventy being as we are decided more than 400 was needed, and thus 700 were taken to the hot & sweaty basement where the giving away of suits was managed under guard and view of the events security team. There is not doubt blueseventy gave away more suits than any other brand, in fact some brands did not even turn up till the day of competition and then with enough to kit out only a handful of swimmers. So we gave away suits to swimmers of all nations and abilities, we manned our booth the longest hours and never discriminated between swimmers and left ourselves with spares for those mis-haps and accidents. What do we get in return? This act of incredible selfishness.

Annoyed? Yes, tainted our World Champs? Yes, in a way it has, we committed to this championships and we leave with a ruling that aids no one, such is the crazy short timeline and a loss that just makes the trip and our generosity a little less "Good Feeling"


Dean Jackson


Rob D said...

That's awful! I really appreciate how you guys deal with swimmers and I think it really sucks all the crap FINA has put you guys through and now this... sometimes you just can't win even if you're doing the right thing. I hope they catch the guys that boosted your suits, good luck!

Dave said...

I am so sorry to here that. As one of people you have been so supportive of and providing me with a suit, foot gear, glasses and a cap. You made my dream of the Ironman Canada come true. No dead goes unpunished.

All I can say is what goes around comes around I hope this act does not take away your big hearts because you do make a difference, what you do does matter. I for one thank you and will never forget your genorosity to me.

blueseventymedia said...

Thanks for your support Rob and Dave!