Monday, August 31, 2009

IM Louisville

A Weekend of Racing .

IM Louisville saw Luke McKenzie lead for most of the race , Only to get run down in the closing stages of the marathon. McKenzie has taken two IM titles this year (Maylasia and Japan) already and came up with a 2nd only 34 sec's down on
Viktor Zyemtsev here in Louisville.
Mckenzie has had a stellar season to date and will be looking to peak at Kona in six weeks time.

On the womens side it was a blueseventy affair, Nina
Kraft exited the water in first and traded the lead through the early stages of the bike with Maki Nishiuchi (TBB). Kraft pulled away, but was later overtaken by Lisbeth Kristensen. Kristensen continued to open up a gap on the German and started the 26.2-mile run nearly nine minutes ahead of Kraft. Kristensen was caught by Kraft around mile 18, at which point Kraft opened up a gap of almost four minutes on last year's third place finisher here in Louisville. American, Kim Loeffler, ran her way into third thanks to her 3:05 marathon-best-split.

So it was blueseventy one, two and three on the womens side.

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