Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The U.k's hardest triathlon?

So we may have found the hardest triathlon in Britain. No, not a short Iron-distance trip around Bolton, but more a trip around the U.K in a triathlon that measures pretty incredible statistics of a challenge.
Who would undertake a channel swim (22 miles, blueseventy Helix assisted) Lands end to John-o-Groats cycling 874 miles and then run across the U.K coast to coast 166 miles (nuun hydration assisted)?
Well, his name is Simon Moore from Derby (U.K's centre for culture and art) and his endeavor began Saturday 22nd August. The first leg took Simon 15 hours (a little longer than he hoped) and now he has began the classic Lands End to John-o Groats ride. Keeping watching this space and we will keep you updated, but you can also visit his twitter at, SImon is pictured above at the start of his epic swim, pictured with Commonwealth games swimmer champion Ross Davenport and Derby County director and playing staff along with Simon's Children who will be following his epic trip in a camper (RV) van. GOOD LUCK SIMON FROM US ALL.

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