Thursday, August 6, 2009

blueseventy wins at steelhead 70.3

blueseventys Andy Potts and Sam Warriner were top of the podium at 70.3 Steelhead this weekend

Andy was at the front during the swim, only to be passed by super biker Andrew Starykowicz . Potts overcame a 5 min deficit heading out onto the run to win here in steel-head.

Results below

1 POTTS, ANDY 2/2/1 33/M-PRO 00:22:13 02:13:02 01:16:14 03:54:38
2 STARYKOWICZ, ANDREW 6/1/2 27/M-PRO 00:23:35 02:05:45 01:24:37 03:56:44
3 DOE, KIERAN 3/3/3 28/M-PRO 00:22:18 02:12:53 01:21:51 03:59:31
4 REMALY, GREG 5/4/4 29/M-PRO 00:23:17 02:12:55 01:20:56 04:00:04
5 BECHTEL, SEAN 4/9/5 26/M-PRO 00:23:14 02:18:05 01:19:35 04:03:46
Out of water
1.John Kenny 21.48
2.Andy Potts 22.13
3.Kieran Doe 22.18

The womens race was an all blueseventy affair, with Leanda cave leading from the water, In close pursuit was Sam Warriner (2008 ITU world series champion) . Samm soon took control of the race and went away for another win over the 70.3 distance. cave held obn for second and
rounded out the 3rd spot was another blueseventy athlete in form of Nina Kraft


Sam's Words on the race

"I had a good swim exiting just 35 seconds after Leanda
Cave, a known swimmer. I then got on the bike and within 10km I was in in
the lead. That was a surprise because I expected to be chasing down the
leader but did not expect it to come so quick.
I even caught some Pro Men which made me even more
pleased as they'd started their swim 3 minutes ahead of us!?
I got to
transition 2, four and half minutes in front of second place. I did
not know this at the time, so just focused on running as hard as I could.
It was a tough course due to the wind and also it always felt you were
going uphill. I ran strong but struggled in the last 3 miles. But
by that time I finished I had over a seven minute lead so it was just a
case of holding on.
It was the best birthday present ever"

1 WARRINER, SAMANTHA 2/1/1 38/F-PRO 00:25:13 02:22:57 01:27:00 04:17:57
2 CAVE, LEANDA 1/2/2 31/F-PRO 00:24:22 02:28:29 01:29:30 04:25:12
3 KRAFT, NINA 3/5/3 41/F-PRO 00:25:20 02:30:37 01:27:16 04:26:22
4 WILLIAMSON, KELLY 5/9/4 32/F-PRO 00:25:31 02:35:44 01:22:43 04:27:10
5 LOVATO, AMANDA 6/4/5 37/F-PRO 00:28:17 02:27:10 01:28:52 04:27:57
Out of water
1.Leander Cave 24.22
2. Sam Warriner 25.13
3. Nina Craft 25.20

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