Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nero Legal to 2010

Our interpretation of FINA's rules is that all the currently approved suits will be available through till the end of the 2009 year. The latest releases from FINA, one stating that the suits would remain legal until April or May, and the most recent statement that says they will be legal till Jan 2010, confirm that at the suits are still going to be used through till this date for any competition following FINA rules. ALL available models of the nero comp suit will be legal through to this date.


Paul said...

On August 11 the US High School Swimming Rules Association changed their swimsuit rules so that any suit with a zipper is now illegal. Are you going to offer any program to trade in a nero with a zipper to get a swimsuit that does not have a zipper and conforms to the new Fina rules prior to January 2010? Our state has swimming as a September to November sport so our timeframe to do something is very short.

blueseventymedia said...

Hi Paul

We are offering a buy back program for customers who have purchased a Nero Swimskin from April 1 2009 to November 1 2009 - they will be eligible for 50% off a new swimskin in 2010. Additional details on the buyback program will be available on our website as we approach that date so stay tuned!