Friday, December 17, 2010

The Blue Seventy

I love thee more than any pair of shoes.
Thy skin is pure perfection,smooth as silk,
And with my human skin you seem to fuse.
With pure ingenuity you were built.
Some people have said that you are unlawful.
They say you make me go extremely fast.
But I do think those people are quite awful.
Without the ban, your glory days would last.
Your tightness hurts my many body parts,
Yet I will make the painful sacrifice,
For the sake of speeding like flying darts.
Oh Blue Seventy you are so precise.
I will wear thee until I grow old.
Though you are dull black, you are truly gold.
- Kevin of Evanston, Illinois

Brilliant! Your english teacher better have given you an 'A' on this piece.

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