Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rasmus Henning: Pro Snowman

We thought we'd find out how our pro's like to spend Christmas... and whether out humming carols on the bike or secretly wishing they could avoid Christmas with a convenient month long training camp in some far flung location where the closest they get to yule tide joy is new p.b at a pool session.

First up we talk to Danish Olympic triathlete turned Ironman Rasmus Henning, whose 2010 season included winning Challenge Roth in a very tidy time of 7.52.36.

Are you Santa or the Grinch? Love Xmas or hate it?
Neither or, actually. I enjoy the family time, but don’t particularly enjoy all the fuss before when people put aside a ton of other important things in order to buy exactly the right presents or get the right food.

Where are you spending Xmas this year?
We are flying back to Denmark from our new base at Playitas on the Canary Islands. Christmas eve, which is the highlight of Danish X-mas will be at my wife’s parents’ house in the southern part of Denmark.

Who will you spend it with?
With my wife Anita, our 2 daughters Caroline and Emilie, my in-laws and Anita’s grandfather.

How do you spend the day? Travelling around or bunkered down at home?
I hope to be able to get out of the house to train a few hours during the day. Other than that I’ll be playing with the kids and chatting to the adults.

What’s on your Gift Wish list this year?
A Blue Seventy Reaction Longjohn for early morning pool swims at Playitas. Apart from that, nothing really. I think since I was 15 or so, I haven’t really been in to gifts. As far as I’m concerned we could do very well without them. The kids love it, and they should have some gifts, but for the adults, I don’t really get it.

Best present you ever got? (Aside from your blueseventy wetsuit of course)
Must be when, as a kid, I got some new trains for my modelrailroad.

Worst present you have ever got? It’s socks isn’t it….
Can’t remember, but probably something soft as a kid.

Got any traditions you’ll be upholding? Carolling? Snow Angels? Bit of backyard cricket?
I hope to be able to make a snowman with my kids like we did last X-mas. They have been asking a lot about that.

What’s your training schedule like around Christmas?
Since there is currently a lot of snow in Denmark I don’t expect to be biking much, but I hope to maintain my running and hopefully be able to do some XC-skiing, which I adore.

Do you train on Christmas day, and if so, what do you do?
Hopefully – in order to get out of the house for a short while. Run or ski.

Favourite tipple at Christmas? Do you allow a bit of eggnog?
I’ll drink some beer and red wine. No problemo.

We do nothing but eat from dawn to dusk at our place – what do you do?
What’s on the menu for your feast? Anita’s family have a tradition of eating soup as a starter on X-mas eve before the duck, roast pork and rice pudding. That’s something I like as it takes a bit of the focus away from the fatty and heavy meats.

Do you prefer Xmas in the Snow or the Sand?

We’ve got Dean Martin crooning Xmas songs in the office – who will you be singing along to this Christmas?
Absolutely no-one. At Playitas we are lucky enough to avoid X-mas songs. I heard my first “Last Christmas” a few days ago when visiting a furniture outlet, and I’ll be happy to avoid it the rest of the month.

Got any tips for getting rid of any excess, er, “Christmas weight”?
Train, train, train.

Will you be heading off on holiday anywhere?
My week in Denmark will probably end up being so packed with activities, visiting friends and family etc, that it will feel like holiday coming back into my normal schedule afterwards.

What have you got planned for New Years?
With a great bunch of friends in Denmark.

And lastly, what’s this year’s New Years resolution?
Winning Kona!

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