Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surfing through the holidays...

Greg Bennett might have transfered to the USA to join his wife Laura on the road to the London 2012 Olympics, but Greg is still definitely still and Aussie when it comes to how he spends his Christmas holidays. It's all sun, surf, and sand at the Bennett household this year!

Are you Santa or the Grinch? Love Xmas or hate it?
I don’t mind Xmas… gives us an excuse to catch up with family, eat, drink, and just hang out.

Where are you spending Xmas this year? E.g. whose house, what country?
This year its Xmas in Australia. A small coastal town called Forster on the east coast just above Sydney. My folks have a place up there.

Who will you spend it with?
Both my brothers, their families, my M and D and Gpa and of course Laura

How do you spend the day? Travelling around or bunkered down at home?
Stay at home, actually most of the time at the beach surfing or cricket etc.

What’s on your Gift Wish list this year?
No wish list… got everything I want already.

Best present you ever got? (Aside from your blueseventy wetsuit of course)
First Bmx bike when I was 10

Got any traditions you’ll be upholding? Carolling? Snow Angels? Bit of backyard cricket?
Back yard cricket for sure. A bit of a surf, plenty of food.

What’s your training schedule like around Christmas?
Take a bit of an easy week so we are not to tired to enjoy the family

Do you train on Christmas day, and if so, what do you do?
Probably a light run

Do you prefer Xmas in the Snow or the Sand?
Definitely the beach

Will you be heading off on holiday anywhere?
Drive down to Forster for the week

What have you got planned for New Years?
Back in Noosa, back to training… always part of the World Champo’s body surfing

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