Sunday, December 19, 2010

A very, er, competitive Christmas at the Swallows

Newly crowned IM 70.3 Champion Jodie Swallow is off to her home town of Essex, England for Christmas, but doesn't sound like there will be much sitting around going on at the Swallow household!

Are you Santa or the Grinch? Love Xmas or hate it?
I like it; I like spending money and partying so it’s cool for me.

Where are you spending Xmas this year?
I’ll be at home in Essex with my family until Boxing Day when I fly to South Africa to get on with work.

Who will you spend it with?
Mum/dad/Joanna and her boyfriend.

How do you spend the day? Travelling around or bunkered down at home?
We all train till about 3pm (serious!) then we open presents and eat Christmas dinner. I used to like taking Baxter for a walk on Xmas day but he’s not here any more.

What’s on your Gift Wish list this year?
Nothing really, I would like a massage that’s about all.

Best present you ever got? (Aside from your blueseventy wetsuit of course) all saints leather jacket. I love it but spent all of last new years crying cos I thought I’d lost it he he.

Worst present you have ever got? It’s socks isn’t it….
Mum sometimes wraps up things that are not really presents… like nuun tablets... that’s a pretty crap present.

Got any traditions you’ll be upholding? Carolling? Snow Angels? Bit of backyard cricket?
Ummm. No!

What’s your training schedule like around Christmas?
Probably a bit more full on cos my sister and mum get competitive in terms of amount of hours they can cram in so I have to up it.

Do you train on Christmas day, and if so, what do you do?
Turbo and a long run... I’d swim if it was open.

Favourite tipple at Christmas? Do you allow a bit of eggnog?
Mojitos as always.

We do nothing but eat from dawn to dusk at our place – what do you do? What’s on the menu for your feast?
Mum is pretty good. Pretty healthy dinner eaten very late followed by lots and lots of chocolate. We don’t do dessert we do chocolate.

Do you prefer Xmas in the Snow or the Sand?
In the sand, most def.

We’ve got Dean Martin crooning Xmas songs in the office – who will you be singing along to this Christmas?
Something far cooler ;)
Hey! Dean Martin is cool!

Got any tips for getting rid of any excess, er, “Christmas weight”?
I guess eat less and exercise more. Or just enjoy it.

Will you be heading off on holiday anywhere?
Holiday? That sounds good.

What have you got planned for New Years?
I’ll be in South Africa so James Cunnama better be sorting something spectacular!

And lastly, what’s this year’s New Years resolution?
Not to be ill on news year’s day.... last year was grim.

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