Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspiring swimmers of tomorrow

We’ve been out spreading the love for swimming again - this time at Cherry Tree Primary School in Derby, UK, with blueseventy Olympic swimmer and 2008 Commonwealth Games silver medalist Ross Davenport. Julie from our UK office joined Ross for the afternoon, as he talked to the children about the goals they can achieve through swimming.

The children had just finished a swimming course held by the school, and Ross had the honor of handing out the certificates. The kids were all glued to Ross, listening to him talk about his own goals and achievements in swimming. They’re all keen now to follow suit and get medals, just like him (oh, bless…).

Ross will be signing a pair of his jammers to go with a photo to be framed up for the school to remember the afternoon by. They’ve already invited Ross to come back after the Olympics to show off his medals!

Oh and the girl in the photo is Ella, Julie’s daughter, and now officially Ross's number one fan, although perhaps she has a little from some of the female teachers!

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