Monday, June 13, 2011

3 x 70.3 Update

It seems we are into the heavy part of the season with lots of great racing happening on most weekends 
This weekend was no exception with three 70.3's on in the States alone. 
First up was 70.3 Boise .

Boise has a very relaxed start time of 12 midday. This makes for an interesteing morning. Wake up isn't the usuall 4am . it's back to sane hours of 7:30am.. Which is fantastic.
The mens race saw Ben Hoffman return to form with a dominate performance on the bike. It was only the early leader from the water blueseventys Kyle Leto that Hoffman had to catch before he was clear of all rivals . Ben rode hard and managed to have a 5min lead over the chasers come T2. 
From there Hoffman put in a solid 1:18 run to take the victory here in Boise. A great performance . Well done Hoff. 
The womans race was  a bit more closely forth with Magali Tisseyre’s taking the win. Tisseyre put together a very good swim, bike and run combo to give her a winning margin of 2:13 over Ironman St George Winner Heather Wurtele who put up a great fight today to finish in second place. 

1. Ben Hoffman  3:52:41
2. Nicholas Thompson  3:54:48
3. Jeff Symonds  3:55:26
4. Paul Ambrose  3:57:50
5. Jesse Thomas  3:59:06
6. Trevor Wurtele  4:01:02
7. Matt Lieto  4:01:27
8. Guy Crawford 4:02:34
9. Matt Shryock  4:05:08
10. Karl Bordine 4:06:39


1. Magali Tisseyre  4:18:28
2. Heather Wurtele 4:20:41
3. Rachel McBride  4:22:14
4. Heather Jackson 4:26:06
5. Michelle Wu  4:26:54
6. Uli Bromme  4:28:40
7. Haley Scott-Cooper  4:31:51
8. Charisa Wernick 4:32:24
9. Kate Bevilaqua  4:35:18
10. Annie Warner 4:37:07
70.3 Kansas
BIG shout out our athlete and friend Paul Matthews for taking the win here in Kansas. 
Paul and fellow blueseventy athlete Luke Bell ( who is also having a fantastic few weeks of racing ) came out of the swim together and then blistered the bike in 2:10 giving them a lead over the rest of the mens field, But on the run Matthews put together the run of his life , running 1:12:45 half marathon that brought him to the line in 3:49:44 Bettering second place by 6-minutes. It was david Kahn who crossed the line for second and Bell for third. 

Onto the Womans race and it was Leanda cave ( blueseventy ) who lead from the water . From the swim Leanda had a52sec lead on her main rival and favorite Chrissie Wellington. Cave put up a great fight on the bike gaining a futher 2mins on the bike to Wellington This extended her lead into T2 by 3mins.  Cave then Put together the seond fasest run slit of the day, But at the half way put of the run it was Wellington her took controll of the race . Wellington ran a smoking fast 1:16:41 to take the win in Kansas for the third staight year in a row. 
Well done to all our athletes and all the competitors. 

1. Paul Matthews  3:49:44
2. David Kahn  3:55:46
3. Luke Bell  3:56:13
4. Romain Guillaume 3:59:17
5. Joe McDaniel 4:00:53
6. Andres Castillo 4:03:22
7. Brent Poulson 4:04:18
8. Joe Umphenour 4:05:18
9. Tony White 4:05:56
10. Torsten Abel 4:06:33


1. Chrissie Wellington  4:11:08
2. Leanda Cave 4:15:13
3. Whitney Garcia 4:27:17
4. Madeline Oldfield 4:29:18
5. Jackie Arendt  4:32:39
6. Lesley Paterson 4:33:05
7. Tami Ritchie 4:34:27
8. Lauren Capone 4:38:26
9. Sarah Piampiano 4:42:42
10. Lesley Smith 4:42:59

Eagleman 70.3
TJ Tollakson stormed to the win at  70.3 Eagleman with a huge effort on the bike posting a 2:03:41 bike split . Mirinda Carfrae used her run strength to pull back the early leaders and take yet another title.
The men

A group of men exisited the water all within striking dostaoce of each other. it wasn't utill TJ unleashed on the bike that the mens field started to break apart. 
Kiwi Terenzo Bozzone couldn't response to the race pace today after having only a weeks rest between halfs. The Kiwi who generally finds himself on the podium could only cruise through the run today for a 10th place finish today.
It was TJ Tollaksons 1:22 run that would take the win here today with Richie Cunningham taking second place and Stanislav Krylov rounded out the top three.

The women

Amanda Stevens was the early leader from the water in 26:05. 
From here there was some jostling on the bike , With the main contenders coming  off the bike all within 5mins of each other. Knowing Mirindas run speed the other ladies could only put up a fight for so long until the 2010 IM world Champ took controll and ran her way to yet another victory. 
1. TJ Tollakson 3:54:39
2. Richie Cunningham 3:57:43
3. Stanislav Krylov 3:58:13
4. Matty Reed 3:59:42
5. James Bowstead 4:00:27
6. Mike Caiazzo 4:00:30
7. James Cotter 4:02:19
8. Matias Palavecino 4:05:11 * AG M30-34
9. Kyle Pawlaczyk 4:06:13
10. Terenzo Bozzone 4:07:32


1. Mirinda Carfrae 4:15:31
2. Tyler Stewart  4:21:28
3. Samantha Warriner  4:23:02
4. Tenille Hoogland  4:23:38
5. Amanda Stevens  4:23:56
6. Kristin Andrews 4:32:10
7. Desiree Ficker  4:33:33
8. Annie Gervais 4:33:43
9. Kristin White  4:36:57
10. Beth Shutt  4:38:11 

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