Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Big Weekend Of Racing

We had it all this weekend

ITU WCS Madrid
70.3 Honu
70.3 Mooseman
70.3 Switzerland
Escape from Alcatraz
Rev3 Quassy
Challenge Cairns

Plus a few i will have missed. Needless to say it's the biggest race day to date for 2011.

ITU Madrid

Can anyone stop Paula Findlay this year? She is on fire.
Winning her second ITU WCS race out of as many races for 2011.
She exited the swim near the front , Stayed in the lead group through-out the bike and then ran with the Andrea Hewitt and Helen Jenkins before dropping all challengers in the last Kilometer... Another impressive performance by a very talented young lady.
Findlay quotes "“I can’t even describe it, it doesn’t feel like it at all, I still feel like an underdog every time I come into these races and I am still starstruck by seeing the Emmas and everyone, so it’s just amazing to be winning them. I’m very happy.”

Very down to earth attitude.. Nice one Paula

Results and video below care of ITU Website











70.3 HONU

Our boy backs it up after taking 3rd at Ironman Texas a few weeks back . 
Luke was 3rd from the water

Bell was in the middle of the Lieto Sandwich off the bike with Chris Lieto in front by 2mins and younger brother Matt Lieto 2mins down. The Lieto brothers were hoping Bell didn't pack his run legs this morning. 
How-ever Belly had packed his legs and soon passed Chris Lieto for the lead, from there Bell took control and didn't look back , Taking the win here in Honu. 
Lukes had his ups and downs in the sport over the years , But he's back in top shape and proving he's a force over any distance. 
Well done Luke . you ripped it up. 

While in the Womans race it was local legend Bree Wee who took the honors..Although she did say it wasn't her best day out there. The race came down to the wire. However Bree toughed it out and took the title . So no-one can argue with that. Well done Bree...

1. Luke Bell  3:58:14 
2. Chris Lieto 4:021:32
3. Matt Lieto  4:05:25
4. Ian Mikelson  4:11:21
5. Tim Marr 4:12:16

1. Bree Wee  4:42:32
2. Elly Franks  4:46:46
3. Christine Fletcher  4:46:54
4. Emma Garrard  4:52:24

70.3 Mooseman

One tough duel saw Maxim Kriat of the Ukraine win over Paul Ambrose " Australia" by just seconds. 
The two Swum, biked and ran together for all but the last part of the run where Kriat used his speed to take the victory over Ambrose. Rounding out the top 3 was Uk's Tom Lowe with a 1:16 run split. 

In the womans race it was Lesley Patterson who took the win over quick running Caitlin Snow by a little over a mintue. 
Patterson used her super bike split to give her the buffer she'd need to hold off Snow who ran a 1:18:20 . 
Rounding out the top three was Melanie McQuaid. The Xterra queen is proving that she's good on and off road. !!

1. Maxim Kriat  4:02:04 2. Paul Ambrose  4:02:11
3. Tom Lowe  4:09:23
4. Raynard Tissink  4:14:15
5. Zach Ruble 4:15:18
6. Nick Waninger  4:18:01

1. Lesley Paterson  4:30:58 2. Caitlin Snow  4:31:46
3. Melanie McQuaid  4:49:29
4. Amber Ferreira  4:349:33
5. Jessie Donavan  4:51:51

Escape from Alcatraz

This was always going to be a great race. The line up was stacked and all eyes were going to be on 3 time winner Andy Potts and double Olympic Medalist Bevan Docherty 

Potts Known for his super strong swim was second out of the water behind Dustin Mclarty. 
From there Pott's put in a great bike split to give himself a 2min buffer over Docherty. 
Docherty then pulled back 91sec during the run to get within 34sec's of Potts. 
But it wasn't enough on the day Pott's took the win over Docherty and Chrabot. 

Bevan on the run

The woman's swim reflected that of the mens with Sister Sara Mclarty leading the woman from the water. Sara wearing her blueseventy Helix wetsuit

Then it was Leanda Cave and Nicky Samuels ( both blueseventy athletes ) together from the water in 2nd and 3rd. Out onto the bike and Nicky opened up and started to pull away from Cave .
Onto the run Nicky showed why she won the ITU world cup in Mooloolaba earlier this year. Posting the quickest woman's run split of the day in 50:52. 

Well done Nicky .... call us impressed yet again!!

1. Andy Potts  1:59:45 2. Bevan Docherty  2:00:19
3. Matt Chrabot  2:00:25
4. Jesse Thomas  2:03:34
5. Brian Fleischmann  2:06:12

1. Nicky Samuels 2:13:13
2. Leanda Cave 2:17:34

3. Becky Lavelle  2:19:21
4. Lindsey Jerdonek 2:22:20
5. Jenna Parker  2:25:39

REV3 Quassy

Another great race. Seeing TBB athlete James Cunnama take the win over Bozzone,  Gambles and our one of our favoite athletes Paul Matthews....a.k.a Barny

The main contenders were split on the bike . Cunnama posted a very quick 2:16:24 bike split second only to Andrew Starykowicz . However it wasn't to be Starykowicz day as he faded on the run and Cunnama soon took the lead . Behind it was Bozzone and gambles running together and Matthews close behind. 
Cunnama managed to hold off the chasing pair for the win , while Bozzone showed he's a class act taking second. ( Bozzone has had 5 weeks off proper run training with a nagging injury.) Gambles took the final place on the podium. While Matthews had to settle for 4th . ( the top 4 men were seperated by 1:21 !!! )

The womans race was a Julie Dibens hammer fest ... Dibens used her swim bike strengths to take a 6min advantage by T2. Reigning IM world Champion Carfrae tried to use her amazing run to bridge the gap , But Dibens had everything in control and cruised to a 3min victory. 

1. James Cunnama  3:59:17
2. Terenzo Bozzone  3:59:29
3. Joe Gambles 3:59:48
4. Paul Matthews  4:00:38
5. Matt Reed  4:01:19

1. Julie Dibens  4:23:37
2. Mirinda Carfrae  4:26:24
3. Angela Naeth  4:30:52
4. Liz Blatchford 4:32:11
5. Heather Jackson  4:36:16

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