Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brownlee Wins Again

Alistair Brownlee is a machine.

The conditions in Kitzuhel were wet and cold , Although that didnt seem to effect a charging Alistair Brownlee as the 23 year old brit destroyed the field just two weeks after winning the Madrid round of the WCS.  This puts Brownlee on top of the points table ahead of Gomez and brother Jonothan Brownlee.

Alistair Brownlee lead out of the water in his blueseventy Helix , then went on to break away on the bike with two others to have the top bike split of the day, to top off those efforts he ran his way to victory. um... WOW.....sums that up!!! To lead start to finish in any race is a massive achievement , But to lead start to finish in a WCS race is even bigger!!!

Brownlee said that the conditions weren't to bad and while some suffered due to the cold ,
Alistair quotes “It wasn’t all difficult to be honest, I don’t think the conditions had that much of effect on me until the last couple of laps of the run,” he said. “I knew I had a decent lead and I knew I was racing next weekend (at the 2011 European Championships) so I kind of didn’t push on too much and I think that kind of hurt, and I think maybe I should have pushed on, I might have stayed a bit warmer.”

At 23 he's only going to get quicker!!! scary!!

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